Membership With Benefits!

Classes included with your membership

Abdominal Blast 
Start or finish your early morning workout with a short, but effective bout of abdominal work.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:15 AM – 6:30 AM.  Free for members and guests.
Intro to Cycling 
This class teaches the basics of cycling in a fun, low key environment that is suitable for all fitness levels.  Tuesday 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM.
Free for members.
Get up and Go 
Incorporates low impact movements, upper body strength training, abdominal conditioning, stretch & relaxation in a workout that is heart-healthy & easy on the joints. Free for members.
Fit for Life 
Fun, easy to follow cardio choreography combined with strength work, abdominal training, & stretch with modifications offered for beginner to intermediate levels. Free for members.
Gentle Stretch 
A class for all ages & fitness levels.  Simple stretching helps enable participants to increase range of motion, prevent injury, & reduce the effects of arthritis.  Free for members.
Body Workshop 
A challenging strength & endurance workout using a variety of tools to provide a thorough workout for all fitness levels. Free for members.
Silver Sneakers® Classic 
Exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion & activity for daily living skills.  Uses elastic tubing, light weights, inflated balls, and portions of the class are performed while seated. Free for members.
Silver Sneakers® Cardio Fit 
A safe, heart-healthy workout that is gentle on the joints & helps improve strength & endurance. Free for members.
Silver Sneakers® Circuit 
Easy-to-follow, low impact movements to help improve muscular strength. Free for members.
Aquatics Classes Free to Members:
Silver Sneakers®  Splash 
Offers a fun, shallow water workout to help improve agility & flexibility, while addressing cardiovascular, strength & endurance conditioning components. Free for members.
This cardiovascular water workout is a low impact yet invigorating and effective way to burn calories and tone your muscles. Free for members.
Aqua Jogging 
Use flotation equipment to “jog” in the water with little to no impact on the knees and hips. Free for YMCA members.