Attention Teachers!

Coordinated with area teachers, this 4th-5th grade school field trip to the YMCA emphasizes fitness, education and fun. Kids learn to make healthy choices for themselves to have a balanced spirit, mind and body. For further information on this exciting program call the YMCA at 235-9622 or email

CATCH stands for a Coordinated Approach to Child Health. By uniting multiple players in a child’s life to create a community of health, CATCH is proven to prevent childhood obesity and supported by 25 years and 120 academic papers indicating as much as 11% decrease in overweight and obesity. The program aims to impact messaging a child receives in physical education, the lunchroom, the classroom, and the home, to form an effective resource that impacts a child’s choices not only in school, but lifelong.
Two of the most important ways that CATCH creates behavior change are by enabling children to identify healthy foods, and by increasing the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) children engage in each day. Our terminology for identifying healthful foods–GO, SLOW and WHOA–has been adopted even colloquially nationwide as a simple means of labeling food’s nutritional content.